About ModusFit

Why the name ModusFit? Modus means, mode, way, method, way of operating. Our objective is to find the right Modus for all of our client’s fitness needs. At ModusFit we believe that there are many paths that lead to greater health and paths that are unique to each individual person. We take pride in helping you with a Modus that is best for you.

The ModusFit Goal

Our goal is to provide superior training for all of our clients while having a welcoming atmosphere. The facility is designed around our personal training clients and our group member’s needs.  Our personal training clients have an exclusive area where their goals can be met.  Our group members have access to high value classes at a smaller capacity. Group session sizes are limited to six people as a result, quality and feedback are never compromised. 

The ModusFit Mission

Our mission is to never stray off of our core values while providing a premium level of customer service in all fitness aspects.