The Benefits

 The Kickbike is an extremely beneficial exercise tool in that it transfers to many other modalities because of its unique propelling motion. The benefits include the following aspects; rehab, hip flexibility, hip power, glut activation, running technique, decreased lower back tightness, power, anaerobic threshold and endurance output. Along with the cross training benefits it also provides a low impact and fun sport to help you stay in and /or get in shape. All of these attributes make the Kickbike a tremendously effective life enhancing tool.

What make a Kickbike Unique?


The Kickbike is one of few activities that train your body’s extension power, while stretching the hips without producing flexion or tensing of the front side hip complex. This provides increased glute muscle activation, which enables your body to move with more efficiency and fluidity. Another advantage is, your body moves in a straight line of power during the kicking motion. A straight line of power is very hard to achieve in other sport movements, like sprinting for an example. Kickbiking makes this motion easy to achieve, which trains your nervous system to move superiorly. All of these benefits offer increased performance in a wide array of sporting facets.

Example of how Kickbikers achieve a straight line of power like elite track athletes.


Cycling vs. Kickbiking

Although cycling provides many health benefits it comes with some negatives. The cycling motion has a fixed leg action, which has both attributes. A positive example is the bicycle makes a great tool for injury rehabilitation. Problems arise from the bicycle’s small fixed range of motion, which always stays the same regardless of your body height or whether you’re going fast or slow. Other issues arise from having your upper and lower body in a semi fixed position, which keeps your body from working its natural straight line of power. This causes problems by tightening the front side of the hips, hamstrings, spinal erectors and IT bands. Over a prolonged period of time, lower back and knee issues can arise if not properly addressed.

The Kickbike separates itself from a bicycle because it doesn’t have a fixed leg cycle.  If you’re going at a slower pace the kicking motion decreases, if you’re going at faster pace the kicking motion increases naturally like running or sprinting. By not having your leg action fixed it adds flexibility to the psoas, hips and quads, opening up these front side muscles it also helps loosen the lower back as well as the hamstrings. Your upper body and lower body work in a straight line of power, which reduces the chance of injury and provides an optimal strength output. Other bonuses of a Kickbike occur from higher energy expenditure than a bicycle, which burns more calories in a shorter amount time. Unlike a bicycle it helps immensely with running technique due to working off the center of mass and learning not to reach with the opposing leg. There are many more benefits, come in try one of our ModusFit Kickbike demo models and see the benefits yourself!

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